Autumn the Most Wonderful Season


Autumn is a truly remarkable season. I really don’t understand people who find it depressing. Yes, it marks the end of the summer, but the transition of late Summer slipping into Autumn is a magnificent time of year.

Autumn is an excellent time for celebration, and this year should be no different. Despite lockdown rules, these Autumnal traditions can still be enjoyed and celebrated, if not just a little differently.

An excellent excuse to go to church when you don’t usually is to celebrate the harvest festival. If you are under lockdown rules, why not gather some products together and donate them to families in need. Most towns have a least one charity that donates food boxes to those in need. Just box up a few non-perishables and deliver them down there. We have been collecting non-perishable goods, hand soaps, and sanitisers for our local YMCA this year. We are putting the finishing touches on the collection for delivery next week.Β No matter how small, every donation goes a long way to helping out a family in need.

Next up is Halloween. Halloween is one of those traditions that most people either love or hate. We like to fill our doorway with hollowed-out pumpkins, grinning from ear to ear with their scary glowing faces. Not only do you get to visit your local pumpkin farm to select the most beautiful pumpkins, but you also get to use the hollowed-out pumpkin flesh to make an array of Autumn delights like roasted pumpkin soups and pies.Β 

This year trick or treating is understanding being discouraged because of Covid19. Instead of skipping it altogether, you can still decorate the house and have a smaller celebration with the people who live with you. Dress up in Halloween costumes. Serve Halloween favourites like pumpkin soup, barbequed hot dogs, and warmed apple juice or apple cider for the grown-ups. Maybe snuggle up with the kids and watch a family Halloween movie. Or try one or two traditional Halloween games, like bobbing for apples, or perhaps a Halloween version of an Easter Egg hunt for the little ones.